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Reiki Community Clinic with Christine DiPilla

Reiki is a Japanese healing art that translates to Universal Life Force, the creative energy source that flows through every living thing. Reiki is a spiritual practice, but it is not a religion and is not associated with religious doctrines. Through mindful touch and focused intention of the practitioner, Reiki promotes a deep level of healing on all four energy bodies — physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual — and facilitates balance and harmony. Anyone can receive Reiki as it does not conflict with conventional medical treatments. In fact, hospitals all over the country use Reiki to reduce the need for pain medication and speed up the healing process. It promotes relaxation, thereby reducing stress and its effects on our bodies.

The purpose of this donation-based clinic is to introduce Reiki and its many health-supporting benefits to people who have never experienced a Reiki session, and to make treatments available to those who would otherwise not have access to this complementary healing art. Treatments will last 30-40 minutes and consist of light touch on specific points of the client’s clothed body.

To make an appointment for your one-on-one treatment with Christine, please choose from one of the dates below and click “SIGN UP & SECURE YOUR SPOT”.

Sunday, September 10, 2017
9am-1pm, by appointment
@ 61 Quarry Road, Doylestown, PA (Ascentuals)

(photo credit: Justin Borucki, Reiki Level 1 class at Blissed In{n})

Reiki Level 1 Certification

Reiki is a non-invasive healing technique that complements and enhances other healing modalities. It facilitates healing benefits of conventional treatments and speeds up the healing process. Reiki is a tool that can be used at any moment, any time, anywhere for on-the-spot stress release, pain relief and as a quick energy boost.

In this class, you will learn the history of Reiki, breathing and grounding exercises, anatomy of subtle energy bodies, energy palpation skills, and a simple hand position protocol. Ample time will be given for hands-on practice. You will leave with the knowledge and confidence to perform Reiki healing as part of your self-care routine and to help support the well-being of your family and friends. Includes a Reiki Level 1 manual, Level One certification, light refreshments, discounts on future classes, and ongoing support for your practice in my private Facebook group of Reiki Practitioners.

Saturday, August 12, 2017 (SOLD OUT)
Ascentuals @ 61 Quarry Road, Doylestown, PA

Saturday, September 23, 2017
Ascentuals @ 61 Quarry Road, Doylestown, PA


13 Moons: Tracking the Wild Mare

Have you been drawn to the beauty and mystery of the Moon and her cycles? The dance of darkness and light, light and shadow, what is hidden and what is being revealed, movement and flow and stillness and timing are all part of her medicine.

In this day-long workshop, we’ll explore the energies of the lunar cycle through science, energy, folklore, mythology and astrology.¬† We’ll learn how to map the lunar cycle on a medicine wheel and meet powerful archetypes who share their wisdom through each threshold moment within the cycle. We’ll invite the beautiful lunar energies into our own fields through an energy attunement offered by a powerful shaman during the course of the day. We’ll learn about the ways the Sun and Moon, and the solar and lunar cycles work, play, and dance together. Through guided visualization, dreaming, storytelling, and poetry we’ll share their magic as we call upon these powerful medicine practices to help illuminate new ways of being with an old friend, and the ways these powerful cycles can help us to manifest in our lives.

Workshop includes…

  • the knowledge to flow gracefully with the lunar energy for manifesting¬† with ease throughout your lifetime
  • a light, healthy lunch provided by me, your host
  • moon goddess goody bags with magical items to support you at each phase of the moon
  • invitation to Katherine’s private Facebook group for ongoing support and education about the moon cycles and other planetary influences

Workshop Leader, Katherine Cartwright, has been practicing her medicine path for 22 years and is a poet, spiritual writer-teacher-healer, Reiki Master, and certified yoga instructor.

What attendees have said:

“Thanks, Christine, for the invite to this workshop. All I can say is WOW! Loved it! A new door has opened up for me that I find exciting & fascinating. Still feeling the energy of our group. <3 Thank you, Kate, for your knowledge of information on the phases of the moon (our Hero’s Journey), your storytelling & poems. Love your energy & hoping for part 2.”
 РRose H., Doylestown

“What a wonderful class! Thank you Christine DiPilla for opening your home, creating a wonderful space and delicious food (I definitely need that chickpea burger recipe – so so yummy!) Katherine Cartwright thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge. So thankful to be on this journey and had the opportunity to take this workshop! Looking forward to seeing where my planted seed takes me!”
– Emily T., Doylestown

For an invite to this private, exclusive event, email Christine DiPilla at